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You can view usage summary online on the Shineplus broadband Account Login page.

Shineplus Broadband offers many value added services from time to time, that will notify to subscriber through our web site, email and our social links.

We bring the latest and most advanced Fiber optic technology to your home (Fiber to the home – FTTH) to provide you a fully-dedicated internet connection. Our Advanced Fiber optics is future ready and can handle speeds 300 Mbps and above. Our data centers and switches employ state-of-the-art- technology that enables us to bring the best internet experience to you.

You are required to pay the “Subscription Amount” as mentioned in the plan details inclusive of 18% GST on installation post successful service demo at your installation location to the authorized Shineplus internet installation representative only.

Subscription amount payment can be made in 3 convenient ways

  • Online payment: Net-banking or Credit/Debit Card
  • Cash Payment
  • Cheque/Demand Draft

The subscription amount payment should be made along with the duly filled Subscriber Registration Form (SRF)

The advertising terminology used by ISPs around the world often confuses customers because it is different from the unit of measurement used by your computer when you’re downloading a file.

Your ISP will sell you a certain speed (for example) up to 10mbps (meaning megabits per second), whereas your computer will download a file at 1.25MBps (meaning megabytes per second). The acronym is the same except for the capitalization of the first two letters!

This is why when Shineplus advertises, we differentiate between Mbit/s and Mbyte/s to try and alleviate confusion by conveying as clearly as possible that we are giving (for example) 10 megabits speed and not 10 megabytes speed.

We’ve heard some ISP representatives talk about bandwidth sharing and contention ratios when trying to explain the difference to customers, but, this is completely wrong and not relevant to measuring the speed.

The difference between bits and bytes (or megabits and megabytes) is simply a unit conversion (like kilometers to miles or Celsius to Fahrenheit) and like all unit conversions, there are a bit of simple maths involved which can help:

Broadband Connection Speed

Typical Download
Typical Upload

Kilo bits per second

Kilo Bytes per second

Kilo bits per second

Kilo Bytes per second

512 Kbps 460 Kbps 57.5 KB/sec 220 Kbps 27.5 KB/sec
1 Meg (Mbps) 880 Kbps 100 KB/sec 220 Kbps 27.5 KB/sec
2 Meg (Mbps) 1800 Kbps 225 KB/sec 220 Kbps 27.5 KB/sec
4 Meg (Mbps) 3600 Kbps 450 KB/sec 400 Kbps 50 KB/sec
8 Meg (Mbps) 7000 Kbps 875 KB/sec 400 Kbps 50 KB/sec
12 Meg (Mbps) 10500 Kbps 1312 KB/sec 750 Kbps 93 KB/sec
16 Meg (Mbps) 14100 Kbps 1764 KB/sec 750 Kbps 93 KB/sec
24 Meg (Mbps) 21000 Kbps 2625 KB/sec 750 Kbps 93KB/sec
40 Meg (Mbps) 38 Mbps 4.7 MB/sec 9 Mbps 1.1 MB/sec
60 Meg (Mbps) 58 Mbps 7.25 MB/sec 9 Mbps 1.1 MB/sec
80 Meg (Mbps) 76 Mbps 9.5 MB/sec 18 Mbps 2.2 MB/sec
100 Meg (Mbps) 94 Mbps 11.75 MB/sec 18 Mbps 2.2 MB/sec
220 Meg (Mbps) 205 Mbps 25.6 MB/sec 28 Mbps 3.5 MB/sec
1000 Meg (Mbps) 900 Mbps 112 MB/sec 900 Mbps 112 MB/sec

For more information, please use a unit conversion tool

If Shineplusbroadband is required to block a website per a directive from the DoT or High Court of India, Shineplusbroadband will comply accordingly

At that time, Shineplusbroadband will post a copy of the notification publicly on our website.

If there is intentional damage or misuse, then you would have to pay for a replacement.

In case of failure arises out of surge voltages, burnouts Power adapters and etc., will not be covered under the warranty.

but there is a possibility on replacement with applicable charges.